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Message From: David Ryan October 22, 2020
Hi Denise, we adopted Mellow from you back in Feb. of 2013, I just wanted you to know Mellow is doing great, and is one SPOILED Boy.... Again, Thank you!!! Dave Ryan Baltimore, MD

Message From: Gene, Marilyn, & Michelle Moriarty June 17, 2020
The good news is that we adopted our beloved Buddy Collie about 13 years ago. He was an abandoned sable/white Rough Collie with one blue and one brown eye. He had been abandoned off Route 81 and was a bit of a wild boy and he was the best of our 3 rescues. Sadly, he succumb to hip dysplasia on 6/6/20 at approx. 14 years old. Thank you for providing such a wonderful boy who will never be forgotten.

Message From: Elaine Christ April 3, 2019
We adopted a dog from you in October of 2007 named Scooter. He is a Westie/Poodle mix. He is going to be 13 years old In June. He is the sweetest and happiest dog . He loves everybody and everbody loves him. He had been rescued a couple of times before we adopted him and all I can say is our gain. We love him dearly and wanted you to know that he has a wonderful life. Thank you for allowing us to adopt Scooter. He is definitely a very important part of our family.

Message From: Brett December 12, 2018
Thank you Denise, for your compassion. Because of you, I was able to enjoy the presence of Eddie in my life.

Message From: Lee October 4, 2017
Bella the GREAT Dane , I just wanted to share Miss Bella was diagnosed with osteocarcenoma . Bella has this magic that makes everyone fall in love with her , my vet cried with me today when she was telling me her findings which I already self diagnosed . my heart is broken . She is amazing , I have been cooking homemade food for her the last year due to her liver disease and she still thinks she is a puppy even though she is a Senior Dane .She most likely will not see her 10th Birthday in July , but thank you for allowing us to adopt her , she came into our lives when my bf was battling cancer and was there for him.Now we will be there for her to make her comfy in her last few months .

Message From: John Ferguson June 15, 2017
My Wife and I really appreciate what you do for all these wonderful animals Thank you.

Message From: Stephanie March 5, 2017
We adopted Teddy from you about 5 years ago,he is great and we love him dearly

Message From: Bridget January 4, 2016
We adopted Tony on July 20, 2015 and we couldn't be more in love with him. He's well behaved unless he's influenced by his sister to cause some trouble. He's our snuggle bud and and all around sweet dog. We love him so much! Thanks to The Dog's Den for helping us find our perfect match and taking good care of him!

Message From: Lauren Hebel October 17, 2015
Many years ago we adopted a dog from you. His name was originally sandman but was renamed Kota. He was such a kind and loving dog that made our family so happy. He just passed yesterday. We appreciate you for saving all of the precious dog lives, especially Kota. Thank you for giving us the dog that I grew up with and have so many fond memories with. It's going to be hard to move on from this sadness, but I know I will always remember the happy memories I had with him.

Message From: Barbara E February 24, 2015
Buddy was the best. He was so cute & was a very loving & caring dog. He always wanted to please me. He would always be at the door to greet me when I came home. I was so lucky to have him for 12 years. He died in my arms on Valentine's day 2015. I will never forget that day. I loved him so very much & I miss him so very, very much. At least he is no longer suffering. I hope to join him at the rainbow bridge someday.